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Prostate Cancer

Watch the Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Video prior to your consultation with Dr. Fulgham.

Prostate Cancer Resources

Prostate Cancer Support Group


Monthly prostate cancer support group meeting, third Monday, 6:30 pm dinner, 7:00 pm speaker.  For more info call 214-345-5030.  See the flyer on the SUPPORT GROUP below with more details and map.

Newly Diagnosed - Checklist


Dr. Fulgham has created a checklist for men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.  See NEWLY DIAGNOSED CHECKLIST below.

Resource Guide


Dr. Fulgham has created a resource guide that includes contacts and information regarding treatment options.  See PROSTATE CANCER RESOURCE GUIDE below.

Active Surveillance


Active surveillance may be an option for patients diagnosed with low grade prostate cancer.   See the ACTIVE SURVEILLANCE PROTOCOL  below.

Prostatectomy Preop and Postop


If you are scheduled for a prostatectomy with Dr. Fulgham see his PROSTATECTOMY PREOP AND POSTOP INSTRUCTIONS below.

Sexual Rehabilitation


Erectile dysfunction is a potential side effect of radical prostatectomy but a program of rehab before and after surgery may improve sexual function.  See the SEXUAL REHABILITATION flyer below.

Treating Urinary Incontinence


Pelvic floor exercises both before and after surgery will strengthen the pelvic floor and assist with urinary control.  See the flyer on PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES below. If the incontinence persists for over a year and is severe enough an artificial urinary sphincter may be needed.  

Reduce Side Effects of Anti-Androgens


Anti-androgen medications Eligard and Lupron have side effects.  Read the flyer on MINIMIZING SIDE EFFECTS OF ANTI-ANDROGEN MEDICATIONS below.

Genetic Testing


About 10% of prostate cancers have a genetic component.  Men who have a family history of prostate, breast, pancreatic or ovarian cancer should consider being tested for the genetic trait. Read the flyer on GENETIC TESTING below.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction


After following a sexual rehabilitation program and allowing time for the nerves to heal,  if erections do not return to pre-surgery levels there are options for treating erectile dysfunction. See the flyer on ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION below.

Free Exercise Program


Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas offers a free 16 week exercise program for patients diagnosed with cancer.  This can be started before surgery or after surgery.  For more information see FREE EXERCISE PROGRAM below.

Prostate Cancer Screening


Men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer become very knowledgeable about the disease and can share this important information with other men.  The importance of early detection is key.  See and share the PROSTATE CANCER SCREENING flyer.